Does Your Airport Offer Commercial Services?

Unfortunately the Laurinburg-Maxton Airport does not offer commercial services at its facilities. This means that there are no scheduled flights arriving or departing from our airport. However, the Laurinburg-Maxton Airport is able to offer fueling services and many on-site amenities to those in the General Aviation, Corporate Aviation, and Military Aviation sectors.

Where are the Closest Commercial Service Airports?

Fayetteville Regional Airport: 34 miles

Florence Regional Airport: 61 miles

Raleigh-Durham International Airport: 99 miles

Wilmington International Airport: 106 miles

Charlotte-Douglas International Airport: 108 miles


What is the "Boneyard"?

The "Boneyard" is a name that has been given to several decommissioned airliners that now rest on the field at the Laurinburg-Maxton Airport. After their service in the airlines, they were retired to their current location where they will be salvaged for parts and broken down over several years by the Charlotte Aircraft Corporation. Unfortuately the "Boneyard" is not open to the public.

Is there a Flight School at the Airport?

While there is not currently a flight school at the airport, there is a Certified Flight Instructor based on the field. John McRae will train a couple students at a time, depending on his schedule. The Laurinburg-Maxton Airport hopes to have a fully operational flight school in the near future.

16701 Airport Road, Maxton, North Carolina 28364