The caliber and diversity of tenants in the park are testament to its prime location and amenities.

  • Burch Industries Inc.
  • Charles Craft Inc.
  • Corteva Agriscience
  • Gryphon Group Security Solutions LLC
  • Golden Knights
  • HuvePharma Inc.
  • Meritor Inc.
  • Metallix Refining Inc.
  • Mountaire Farms Inc.
  • North Carolina Organics Recycling
  • Scotland Manufacturing Inc.
  • Railroad Friction Products Inc.
  • Piedmont Natural Gas
  • We Pack Logistics, LP

Corteva Agriscience, originally located to the Industrial Park in 1963 as the Pioneer Corn Company. Recently, they expanded their site by building a 176,000 sq. ft. warehouse for additional storage and currently have more than 60 employees at this location.




Golden Knights, based on site at the Laurinburg-Maxton Airport is home to the recruiting command of the United States Army. The Golden Knights are a highly discipllined parachute team that recruits for the Army in cities across America at airshows and sporting events. 

HuvePharma Inc, in Scotland County manufactures the company’s Inovocox™ vaccine, which can prevent coccodiosis, a parasitic disease of poultry. Scotland County was identified by Zoetis as the preferred site due to its experienced manufacturing base, significant ties to agriculture, access to major transportation corridors, labor availability and quality of life.

Meritor Inc, located to the Laurinburg-Maxton Airport Industrial Park in 1979 as Rockwell International. Rockwell International was one of the county's leading industries at the time and chose this site due to the presence of rail, water and sewer, and an airport. Today Meritor manufactures wheel axels for heavy vehicles and employs approximately 200 people. 

We Pack LP, is a distribution and packaging company at the Industrial Park, employing more than 100 individuals.

16701 Airport Road, Maxton, North Carolina 28364